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Richard P

WOW!!! I found the entire selling process very straightforward, which was all due to the tremendous work done by Sharee. I cannot speak highly enough of her and the effort that she put >> read more

“I just knew she would be the perfect person”

I just knew she’d be the perfect person to sell our house, as even though we have very different roles, we’re on the same page about so much. I wanted my hubby >> read more

Find out what your home is worth

The value of your home depends on 4 things:

1. Location

2. The Agent you choose

3. How you market your home

 4. The presentation of your home

The good news is you have control over 3 of these things. 

If you would like to know how much your home could be worth and how you could increase its value,
I would love to talk to you and work with you to get the best price for your home.

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July 2015 housing market update

Time period Number of sales* Total value of sales July 2015 1388 properties $1,148,375,040 July 2014 983 properties $707,084,674 12 months to July 2015 13,201 properties $10,194,102,292 12 months to July 2014

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