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“I just knew she would be the perfect person”

I just knew she’d be the perfect person to sell our house, as even though we have very different roles, we’re on the same page about so much. I wanted my hubby to meet her and see if he agreed that she had what it takes, and he did! The process was quickly put in place and from giving her the green light to being sold was exactly 3 weeks. We happily took her advice and worked hard to make her job easier and were rewarded for our efforts! All in all, a great team! Thanks Sharee

Don and Sharon (May 2018)

“Sold at Auction in record quick time”

A big shout out to Sharee Adams and the team at Barfoot and Thompson Coatesville for the exceptional job in getting my property to market and sold at auction in record quick time.

We had to renovate, repaint, re-carpet stage and clean this property in less than 3 weeks before it went live. It was only on the market for 10 days and with a good pre-auction offer we pulled in a further $82K.

Always happy to recommend great service! Well done Sharee!

Elias and Kay – (march 2018)

“Sharee made things easy”

Sharee made things easy.  Having not sold in years it was always going to be a big decision for us.  Sharee was well informed, clear communication and made us free easy in the whole process.
Excellent service we cannot fault.  Selling over our reserve was a big bonus!!

Gail –  (March 2018)

“I wanted someone who could help me every step of the way”

I wanted someone one who could help me every step of the way.  Sharee made it very easy and simple to understand.  She was great keeping me in the loop and undertaking very informative and detailed reports.
I really appreciated Sharee support.  She did a great job not only assisting me but also the buyers through the process so I could get sold on auction day.

Laurel – (March 2018)

Richard P

WOW!!! I found the entire selling process very straightforward, which was all due to the tremendous work done by Sharee. I cannot speak highly enough of her and the effort that she put into ensuring a successful sale. Sharee emphasised that I was the boss and gave me the necessary information that I needed to make important decisions. Sharee’s professionalism and knowledge of the real estate business impressed me the most. I had total confidence and trust in Sharee, such was the level of service that I was receiving. I think the sale price was a record! How could I not be impressed? Sharee is a great asset.


Stuart & Nicola

Sharee stood out from the rest. She has a positive attitude, lots of enthusiasm and is all about ‘the how’. The regular feedback on the vendor report was really good and Sharee was always on hand to answer our questions. She was always positive, reassuring and prompt in getting back to us.

Sally Dillner

Absolutely fabulous! Professionally done and not one moment of doubt or reservation Sharee is such a superb Real Estate Agent. The Auction process was run so very calmly and smoothly without any anxious moments for the family. It was a ‘piece of cake’. The whole process was smooth and calm. We are so happy about the result

Linda W

I loved the hand written notes on day of the Open Home to say how many people had been through. The communication was excellent. Sharee’s negotiation skills at the Auction were second to none. The marketing was superb. The street sign went up so quickly and was in a very prominent place. The whole process was smooth and there were no worries.


At the auction, I can’t believe she got the price right up – even with only 1 bidder!! Sharee was a huge help and I was very very happy with the work she did for me. The marketing with the brochures, internet and report feedback was amazing. I really appreciated the help with final touches when getting my home ready for the photo shoot

Michael & Ann

We found Sharee to be brilliant and really helpful and she explains things really well. We were very happy with the final result and still had spare cash to do the extras we wanted to do.

Rob & Julie G

Thank you so much for all your hard work once again and of course all your Team. We really appreciate all you did for us and are so grateful to you! Your amazing determination, caring and professionalism was outstanding. Your hard work ensured a great result.

Kiri S

Having come from the UK, this is the first time we had bought a house in NZ and Sharee was very helpful in explaining everything to us and so we were comfortable with everything. Even though we were not the vendors, Sharee was still interested in us. Other agents wouldn’t care but Sharee had a personal touch and her attitude overall showed that she cared about us. We had a probate deal which could have made things really messy but Sharee helped to make it all run smoothly in the end.